A career in IBM and SITA now closed chapters, including overseas postings to America, Netherlands and Singapore, and almost 2,500,000 miles of business and leisure air travel to more than 130 countries;  time to take it easier, with an annual winter vacation to Southeast Asia and occasional sidetrips into Europe for an opera or just chilling out.
After a lifetime devoted  to  the NHS, with emphasis on breast cancer support,  and fitting in a counselling  degree at Reading university, priority is now on supporting grandchildren and occasional counselling sessions.
After obtaining a modern language degree at Birmingham university, and a number of years working in the travel industry, Ginny is now fully occupied managing a young family but was pleased  to be offered an HR position with Waitrose after some time in customer service in head office.
Graduating from Oxford University, Toria has since made a life for herself abroad, initially in India, but now in Thailand and Indonesia where she is devoted to an alternative lifestyle dedicated to bringing the benefits of healing and good nutrition to a wider public, in Europe as well as Asia. 
2016 saw the publication of her first book entitled 'Tantra' concluding a busy year teaching in Europe as well as Asia.
Now moved on the The Holt all-girls secondary school in Wokingham, Amelie has performed choral work in the Albert Hall and other major locations with the Berkshire Junior Choir
lLeft-handed, forever cartwheeling and saucy as they come, but a great companion now for big sis.  She has always had reading skills beyond her years, sustained by an voracious appetite for reading, but dancing and performing are her passions.


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